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Social Distancing Policies

In order to minimize COVID-19 spread, the BIC Facility is implementing the following temporary policies for using the lab:

  1. The maximum occupancy of the BIC is three people. 
  2. Surgical grade masks are required for in-person training. Assisted operation of equipment by BIC staff is available. Staff assistance with experimental design, instrument operation, data analysis is available by phone, email or video conference. 
  3. Users must maintain >6’ distance from each other in the lab. No more than one person will be allowed to work at the bench island or against each wall.
  4. Instrument reservation (AKTA, ITC, CD, ultracentrifuges) will now be done via a common Google calendar. Only three instruments can be reserved at a time. Users should visually verify that there are fewer than 3 occupants in the lab before entering. 
  5. Users must wear a face mask inside the BIC Facility at all times.
  6. Wash hands with soap and water before entering and before leaving the BIC Facility.
  7. Wear gloves whenever possible. BIC staff will disinfect surfaces twice a day with 70% EtOH. When BIC staff are not present, researchers are responsible for disinfecting surfaces they contact.
  8. Users must also follow any building-wide policies (e.g. staircases designated as up or down).
  9. Undergraduate students are not permitted to enter the BIC at this time.
  10. In-person use of instrumentation by external personnel is not permitted. However, the BIC is accepting samples from external users for assisted use.
  11. If you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms, do not enter the BIC Facility. 



Staff assistance is available for data acquisition as well as for consultation in experimental design, sample preparation, and data analysis. Researchers interested in using the facility instrumentation or needing staff assistance should contact Giselle Jacobson. Please indicate the instrument of interest and provide a short summary of the experiment to be performed. 
All users must be trained by facility staff prior to unassisted use of the equipment.

Instrument Reservation

After completing training, users are able to reserve equipment (CD, ITC, AKTA, AUC, robots) via the online ordering system CORES. When scheduling time on equipment, it is important to estimate the correct amount of time needed for the reservation.

In addition to the online reservations, the facility maintains physical log books for each instrument. Users must sign in every time they use a piece of equipment. Failure to do so may result in loss of BIC Facility access. Instruments typically used for time periods shorter than 30 minutes (Azure, Avanti centrifuge, Optima ultracentrifuge) do not have online reservations and use of these instruments are billed from the sign-in sheets.


The BIC Facility has 24 hour swipe card access. Researchers requesting access to the facility should complete the access form and email it to Giselle. Swipe card access to the facility will be granted after completion of training.

External Use

The facility welcomes users from other academic institutions and industry. Please contact Giselle for more information.


All users should acknowledge the facility in publications that involve the use of BIC Facility instrumentation. Acknowledgments in publications are a key indicator to Notre Dame Research of facility usefulness and success. Please use the following statement to acknowledge the facility in your publications:

We thank the Biophysics Instrumentation Core Facility for use of the <<insert instrument(s)>>.